My Cuddlytoy


My cuddeltoy is a teddybear.
His name is Nanne.
His nose is big and brown.
His eyes are small and black.
He has no tail.
He is brown and light brown.
He is 4 years old.
/ Petter


My cuddlytoy is a tiger.His name is Taiger. His nose is small and black and orange. His eyes are small and black. His tail is twised and orange. He is orange. He is 3 years old.
/ Alexander C

My cuddytoy is a rabbit.Her name is Miley.Her nose is pink and small.
Her eyes are black and small.Her tail is white and small.
She is white.She is 2 years old.
/ Anna

My cuddlytoy is a  teddybear.  His  nose is little and blue. His tail is curly and grey. He is  3 years old. His name is Lolipop. He is grey. His eyes are  black.

My cuddlytoy is a bear.My cuddlytoy like to swim.Her name is Bear.Her nose is brown and black.Her eyes are brown and black.Her tail is small. She is brown. She is  5 years old.

My cuddlytoy is a monkey.His name is Donkey Kong.His nose is small and black.
His eyes are black.He has a little tail.He is red and brown.He is 3 mounths.
/ Evan

My cuddlytoy is a beaver.Her name is Vikan.Her nose is black and small.
Her eyes are black and purple.Her tail is flat and purple.She is pink.
She is 2 years old.
/ Nora

My cuddlytoy is a beaver. His name is mr beaver. He has no tail. His eyes are black and white. He is brown. He is one years old.
/ Johan

My caddlytoys name is Berta. She is pink. She is ten years old. She likes cuddlytoys. She don’t like books.

My cuddly toy is a dog.His name is the king.His nose is black.His eyes are big and black.His tail is grey.He is grey and white.He is 0 years old.
/ Oscar

My cuddlytoy’s names is Bert. Bert is blue. Bert is ten years old. Bert can play games. Bert can’t play drums. Bert like cuddlytoys. Bert dont like books.

My cuddlytoy is a tiger. Her name is Tiger.Her nose is small. Her eyes are black.Her tail is big. She is black and yellow.She is 67 years old.
/ Christofer

My cuddlytoy is asnake.His name is Bärt. His nose is big. His eyes are big. His tail is tall.He is blue.He is seven years old.
/Alexander H

My  cuddlytoy is a  chicken.
His name is Nagets. He has a big yellow nose. He is ten years old.
/ Rasmus

My cuddlytoy is teddy bear.His name is Svante. His nose is small and black. His eyes are small and black. He has no tail. He is brown. He is nine years old.
/ Linn

My cuddlytoy is a cat. His name is Pinat. His nose is big and pink. His eyes are big and light blue.
/ Filippa

My cuddlytoy is a giraff. His name is Magnus. His nose is big and yellow. His eyes are big and black. He has a black and yellow tail. He is yellow,black and orange. He is 7 years old.
/ Elsa

My  cuddlytoy  is a bat.
His name is is Eladris.
His nose is grey.
His eyes are silver.
He has no tail.
He is black.
He is 1 years old.

My cuddlytoy is a bear.
His name is Teddy.
He is yellow.
His eyes are brown and black
/ Sura

My cuddlytoy is a human.
His name is Bart Simpson.
His nose is small and yellow.
His eyes are black.
He dont have a taill.
He is yellow and blue.
He is 8  years old.
/ Vincent

Our cuddlytoys. Foto: Filippa



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